Mobile Library

I stand before you almost too weak to type. Today I moved my sci-fi library from the dining room, where it has been teasing me over dinner for the last couple of years, to the landing, where hopefully it will steal into my dreams and make them more interesting. This is all part of the Grand Plan to get the house in order. I’m not sure it will work but I did get some exercise trawling up and down stairs with arms full of books. I also rediscovered some golden oldies which I really must find time to read again.

But where to start? Fred Hoyle or Greg Benford? Brian Aldiss or Roger Zelazny? Daniel Galouye or John Brunner? Ray Bradbury? Decisions, decisions…

And I have a stack of books as yet unread sitting in the living room, thanks to a couple of handy charity shops and some birthday tokens. Come to think of it, if I don’t post here for a while, don’t be surprised.

Anyway, the shelves are now installed and the books housed. Tomorrow we move some other furniture about, although the third bookcase to be moved will have to wait until the channels in the wall are filled in. I do have to shift a couple of half-size bookcases though. Plus find a home for the Pratchett collection.

Go on then, it's your turn

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