A couple of days

I think of today as a successful day, because I sorted out a number of things from my to-do list at work. I managed to do it because I was working at home; the broadband behaved, the network behaved, and my brain worked most of the time. Sometimes it feels like trying to get the planets in conjunction.

I also had a good evening yesterday, when I went over to Leeds to meet up with some friends from school. Despite very different paths we have all ended up working in IT one way or another. I am constantly amazed by how many people about my age have ended up there. We must be some kind of lost generation, caught up in the electronic equivalent of the Gold Rush, and now acting like embarrassing old Prospectors to the young folks’ entrepreneurs.

I ramble, yet I post. Must be a slow night on the telly.


Go on then, it's your turn

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