The Spectre of Christmas presents

Today saw the start of the annual St Nicholas’ Fair in York. Basically the city grinds to a halt as hundreds of coaches arrive with people desperate to spend their money. I had inadvertently arranged a day off work to start preparing for Christmas by getting some shopping done – only to be mashed by the hordes on the streets. Bah, humbug!

However, the book shop was a pleasant respite as no one goes further than the celebrity "auto"-biographies by the door, leaving the further reaches of the establishment quite untouched. I even managed to find a seat and read a few pages before making a break for the nearby tea room in the Spurriergate Centre. Sadly the hordes had also found their way there, so I didn’t manage to get a brew, but did pick up an advent calendar.

In desperation I sought refuge in a mobile phone shop (that’s a shop for mobile phones, not the alternative…) where I learned all about the different networks, packages and actual devices, crucially while sitting down.

Then I caught the bus back to the Park and Ride.

In the fraught atmosphere of the consumer chaos which gripped York today, I made purchases which may haunt me come the moment of giving and unwrapping. But, with Lady Macbeth, I believe

"If it were done when ’tis done, then t’were well it were done quickly. "

Go on then, it's your turn

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