Christmas post

I do love shopping on-line for presents. All that trauma and stress just melts away as I point and click with a mouse in one hand and a mug of tea in the other.

It was pleasing today to have the parcel from that well-known on-line book store arrive safely at the house. Admittedly though I got carried away in the book shop last week and staggered home with a load of overpriced paperbacks which not only made my purse lighter, but my arms longer. But browsing in book shops probably doesn’t count as shopping – the smell of the ink, the rustle of the pages, all serve to please the senses and soothe the pain of seasonal crowds.

Shopping for presents on-line is most enjoyable when it involves the kind of thing that doesn’t need sensory inspection first. I can order flowers, food and certain geegaws without the need to sniff, rattle or stroke them first. This means friends who appreciate bouquets or particular sweet or savoury treats are easy to please. I know they like what they get, and I also know they get something to a standard with proper packaging. So hurrah for Amazon, but also hurrah for Ambala, Flowers by Post and Hotel Chocolat.

Go on then, it's your turn

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