News that isn’t so amusing

Can’t help worrying about people in Zimbabwe as I read the news. I used to work with someone who had family there, and I really hope they are managing OK.

Don’t you just want to put some of these politicians in a room and lock the door! I can’t imagine what it will take to get the country back on track – it used to be so flourishing. The colonial past has to be recognised for all its wrongs, but really it’s no excuse for what is going on now. Breaking the system just to get back at foreigners (us Brits) is not going to help anyone. I don’t know enough about the history of the country, but I do know it used to be economically strong a few years ago and now is in a mess. Cholera can never have a good side.

So it is good to see Ghana is presenting a better model with their elections, and here’s hoping Zimbabweans can get themselves back on track, with or without the help of their friends.

Go on then, it's your turn

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