On the way to work this morning I was watching the sun come up and thinking how glad I was that it had made it again after the Longest Night. Apparently this means that at the Midwinter Solstice we now have the official start of winter. Hmm. Anyway, it made my pagan soul feel good. i like a festival that relates to the natural cycles like that.

But Christmas preparations (in this non-Christian household) seem to have been going on forever this year – in part I think the stress is due to the fact that Himself will be at work on Christmas Eve so I have to be ready a day earlier than usual.

We had the main grocery delivery last week, but I was so focused on Christmas that I forgot to order everyday things like milk. So on Saturday we went to town and picked up fresh food and again forgot the milk. Then I found we were missing other things and so had to go out at lunchtime today to get the essentials (remembered the milk!) like tea and drawing pins. A tasty combination in anyone’s book.

Finally I am beginning to feel ready, and almost Christmassy. Presents mostly wrapped. Check. Meals planned (if not yet cooked). Check. Decorations up. Check. Just the tree to bring in tomorrow night and decorate on Wednesday, and the nut roast to make, probably also tomorrow night. Then relax.

Number 1 son due home Wednesday night, and all the rest are here already. I’m not sure who is coming for the family meal on 27th, so might have a panic dash to the shops early if more people announce they need dinner (so far only catering for about 12-14).

I love Christmas!

When I was little my mother often got ill worrying over it, and missed Christmas Day because of a migraine. Luckily I enjoy the rushing about, and also am not overly bothered if it all goes wrong because actually the point is that we are all together, even if we end up eating cheese sandwiches. So long as you have a decent board game to hand, nothing can go too wrong.

I hope you all have good holidays and happy times.


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