Emerging, I hope

I have been a bit busy at work recently.

Well, I say "recently". I mean since Christmas.

Being an obsessive type, I maintain a To Do List in a vague attempt not to forget to do something important, like write a committee paper I am due to present, or fill out the paperwork for the new recruit so they can get paid. In the usual course of events, my To Do List runs at up to 60 items at any one time, most of which are small and some quite large. Since Christmas it has been at around 110, week in, week out.

But this week I got down to business and have reduced it to a mere 75 or so. Can’t tell you how good it feels, but it is definitely good.

The problem is, everyone else is in the same position. It’s not healthy and it’s not sustainable. And the worst is, that I am not finding time to get out at lunch and spend money in the bookshop. I’m fairly sure the creators of the Convention on Human Rights would agree that my right to read should be respected. And none of the authors I enjoy give a hoot – they keep publishing more books and I can’t keep up. Bother them and their creativity. My reading shelf is double stacked.

Why does no one pay me to sit at home and read? A To Read List of 100 items would be perfectly acceptable. Obviously. What’s not to like about that? So long as I choose the items.

To be paid to do a hobby! I used to think that would be no fun because what would I do when I wasn’t at work? But given how work rules my life just now, the idea has improved its appeal. Here’s hoping.


Go on then, it's your turn

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