Busy day

So it was.

Last week I was away down south for a training course and it was hard work but ultimately really rewarding (and I hope in the long term it will be even more so). But I came back to what felt like chaos – home, work, roads, you name it.

This is the time of year when parents of a certain age with children of a certain age find that life is quite demanding. There are things to be purchased, things to plan and days off work to arrange. There are all kinds of emotions sloshing around the place and contaminating the wildlife. We want them to stay, and we want them to go. We remember the excitement of going away for the first time, and also look back with horror at how unprepared we really were. And we hope we did a better job pf preparing them than our parents did us, and that they are at least as resilient as we were. And we envy them and we pity them too. And they feel the same.

Meanwhile the merry world of work spins on its errant course. We are, naturally, talking about restructuring. After all, we haven’t had a restructure since November, and that barely managed to start before the previous one had ended. There was a danger for a while that we might actually be faced with having to do our jobs. So people are twitchy and anxious and uncertain, because things are going to change again.

Don’t get me wrong: the vast majority of my colleagues are magnificent. Like salmon breasting the rapids, they continue to maintain services in the face of overwhelming odds and management. But some days – well, you know how it is. Sometimes someone somewhere lets you down.

So that leaves the roads. Always tricky in summer due to tourist traffic, and cunning in winter with ice and gales and darkness, they manage still to catch us out in between with odd accidents and diversions and roadworks. Half the city is closed off and the other half has ground to a halt.

And nothing on the telly in the evening to distract me, leaving me typing into cyberspace like casting a message in a bottle. Counting down to the Dr Who Christmas Special.

Go on then, it's your turn

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