New life

So, new job started

Many familiar issues, but new ones too, and lovely folks to work with. Still trying to set up the equipment – more an issue of time than anything else.

I’m on Prince2 Practitioner all next week (aagh, brain exploding with too much new information to learn), and then final induction stuff before getting ready for Christmas.

If I survive into the New Year, then I should be able to get my teeth into some really interesting stuff. Plus I’m home-based so hopefully at least one day a week not travelling.

It has been strange going back to work in Leeds again after about 20 years. Still can’t quite get used to Briggate being pedestrianised. But it’s good to be able to get out and pick up odds and ends at lunch – the occasional small seasonal gift for example. I’m still trying to avoid Amazon with their evil snooping software and censoring nonsense, but Borders really have not helped by going under right now. (If you work for Borders, my heart is breaking for you too.)

So starting to feel festive and need to think about planning the holidays; looking forward to a break as I have given up 9 days leave this year in the job change, And looking forward to having family home too.

OK /brain dump

Go on then, it's your turn

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