Happy (belated) Ada Lovelace Day

I know. I pledged and now I broke my word.

I’m an IT Project Manager, sue me.

I had intended to blog about a former colleague and how I admired her for holding her position as an IT Director in a hostile environment, and still managing to make a real difference not only to IT services but also to the organisational culture as a whole. And I do admire her.

But I was irritated that I missed the date, and dithered about posting anyway (I’m here so I guess I decided to do it). Then I got to thinking – women in IT really don’t do themselves any favours sometimes.

Over the past year or two the BCS Women’s Group has discussed the realities of being women working in IT. We have covered Imposter Syndrome (fear of being caught out not knowing everything), ongoing elitist and frankly chauvinist attitudes, and this week, whether women on the team get left to clear up the mess while the boys play on the new gadgets. Some of us have had that experience, and acknowledged by male colleagues – so that makes it alright, eh girls?

Our experiences vary and so do our backgrounds, routes into the profession and current situations; this means there can be some robust exchanges and plenty of ideas and always support. Something many of us seem to do is have such high standards we can put ourselves down for not being perfect. Just like I did tonight for missing a blog post.

So this year, I want to dedicate my late entry to BCS Women, for their unfailing support, generosity and common sense, and for helping me to get a grip.



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