My life/their lives

A classic error – when doing your  family tree spend all your time finding out about ancestors and fail to write down your own record of experience, let alone that of living relatives.

I wanted to avoid that by keeping this blog and have managed to simply avoid writing the blog once it was there. The idea was that I often have spare time int he evening sitting at my laptop and could speedily type in a paragraph or two, but that has not been happening. What does this alone tell yu about me? Well. huge numbers of blog entries across the internet have similar laments – sorry I haven’t blogged, I’m going to do better from now (followed by a long gap before another post reiterating the good intention). So I’m pretty typical.

Also, I don’t apparently value my experiences enough to write them down. Self-deprecation tells me they are too boring for anyone to be interested. Family history research tells me that in time that will not be the case. Already I am aware that I have reached the age where many of the things I remember as a child are quite alien to my children’s generation – “manual” washing machines, twin tubs, spin dryers, mangles, paraffin heaters, fresh ham sliced from the bone, elm trees, pre-decimal currency, Sturmey-Archer geared bikes, cassette recorders, Sunday Hit Parade, seasonal vegetables, how to use leftovers. Well, anyway.

So let’s see how we go.


Go on then, it's your turn

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