Post confirmed

Last week I finally completed my 6 months probation and am now a permanent member of staff. Hurray!

I say "finally" although in fact I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. And I am still enjoying myself in the new role, travel and nights away notwithstanding. I have managed to get three releases out since arriving with another 2 in track for June and August, so that feels pretty good. Also it looks like a third release in July/August is on the cards after 6 months of uncertainty.

Amusingly since joining the organisation we have been through a whole list of changes the same was ones I left behind: pay & grading review, restructure, office relocation. Yet I am pleased tor report that these have happened in 6 months (well, P&G is almost finished, due end of June) while in my previous organisation I had been working on these for 3 workstreams for 3 years! I love the faster pace!

Home working is a bit of a misnomer, although I was at home today. I was told to expect a day a week at home but it is more like a day every 2 weeks at present. I’m hoping that will settle down as I really can’t manage the Inbox much longer without proper access. I do miss the communal kitchen on tea breaks, but it’s a minor niggle.

So – happy, busy, busy.

next phase – World Domination.

Be seeing you

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