Today largo, tomorrow andante…

So anyway, I got around to doing 10 minutes of guitar practice today. I think I may have the current sports frenzy to thank; let me explain…

As a home based worker my chances of actually working at my desk and getting anything useful done are almost zero. This week, for example, I was scheduled to be travelling to other offices every day. Lots of busy, busy meetings because people think that helps to get things done.

Then mysteriously the Wednesday meeting was cancelled on Tuesday night because something else had come up. I’m thinking, completely without any evidence beyond natural cynicism, it involved spherical objects and abject despair (ie people thought it might be their last chance to watch England play in the World Cup).

So there I was, actually working at home. I stopped for lunch about noon (I start work at 7.00 on home days) having made serious in-roads into my to-do list and in-box. The usual daytime TV fare of antiques expert wannabes was replaced with Wimbledon, which I needed to avoid at all costs if I hoped to get back to work at all in the afternoon; and so, to paraphrase Roger Dalttry, I picked up my guitar and played, just like yesterday…well, just like some years ago in fact.

It was pretty bad, I have to admit, but after 10 minutes I was more or less able to recognise the allegro I was practising. And if I cut my nails tonight chances are tomorrow I will do better. Because tomorrow’s meetings have all turned into telephone ones, so I get another day at my desk, and that means another lunch break with guitar to hand! The next couple of weeks are a bit quieter too, so with luck I will get into the swing of practising every day again and maybe, just maybe, with the grace of G-d and a toothbrush, manage to play a respectable couple of pieces.

This is why I thought working at home would be a good idea – say "Hello" to a better work-life balance!

Today largo, tomorrow andante…

Go on then, it's your turn

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