Weekly roundup

One of those working at home days where I had telecon meetings so might just as well have gone into the office.

Obviously this means I failed immediately in the Guitar Quest discussed yesterday. Lunch was a 30 minute dash trying to eat something quickly and hang up laundry before getting back to the next scheduled meeting. Not that I mind as such, given that on the whole things are going pretty well. Let me see…

The review of a recent release had mostly positives to record, which made me feel pretty good. It’s the first release I have  seen through from start to finish in this job and it went well.

I have also managed to get some data through from a partner organisation after quite a lot of chasing, so that was pleasing. The main concern is that it is so late arriving we might be up against it for the deadline to go live – which is non-negotiable, Lovely.

Also managed to pull together people to agree some rules around helpdesk arrangements. It’s all part of a mission to document what people are doing and make sure we are consistent in the way we provide support and developments. Well, that’s the theory.

And I have tomorrow off, to go to a university open day with youngest offspring. As the weather is so nice at the moment it should be fun. Tonight we went to the school Art Exhibition, and had a look at lots of paintings. The Art Department is very good, and the quality of work is great. A couple of pictures were almost photographic in quality. Needless to say the best were done by our little lad.

Feeling positive!


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