It’s obvious really…

…but sometimes you need someone to say it out loud.

Halo, 22-degree halo, Solar Halo, 22 degree solar halo – aka (incorrectly) Rainbow, Full Circle, 360 Degree, Round, Circular, Whole. Directly overhead. Morro Bay, CA. 12 June 2009.

Back in the day when I was a manager of a certain charity’s IT function, I got myself into quite a state over the number of projects and system changes I needed to deliver as part of a major facilities refurbishment. For a number of reasons I had become involved in overseeing parts of the broader refirbishment programme as well as trying to manage the entire network upgrade by myself.

People often assume that working in a charity is a bit like circle time in primary school, with everyone sitting together nicely and sharing their toys and comfort blankets. I can reveal that working for charities is a wonderful experience but not necessarily a cuddly one; people who want to help make the world a better place can be demanding, challenging and downright pushy! And there is never the money to do the job in a standard way – it’s all about forcing the systems to do more than ever with no added investment.

One day when it all got a bit much a collegaue said to me “You know, no one will actually die if you don’t get that upgrade in tonight.” Eureka!

Of course, since then I have had to look after systems where people might die if I didn’t get the upgrade in – but at least now I can tell the difference.


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