Reasons not to be cheerful

Let me see….

Streeter Seidell, Comedian

The one with the toothpaste tube? Too normal!

The one with the toilet seat? Well, everyone thinks that, at least everyone who counts.

The one where people only ever phone you when they want their computer fixing, even after 10 years of silence? You know who you are! Well, quite.

The one with the apostrophes? A bit anal, possibly….no matter how justified.

The one with the TV on full volume though no one is watching it? Youth of today! Get with the times, Grandma.

Actually, I think I’ll go with one that many of us can unite around: people who make tea by putting the milk in with the tea bag before pouring in the water.

I mean – what is that about? How do they expect to make a decent cuppa if they don’t allow it to brew? Tea needs boiling water to release its flavour. If you put the milk in first it will not be boiling, will it? It’s basic thermodynamics, people!

Now, if we are talking about making a proper pot of tea, then milk into the cup first is obviously the way to go. This prevents the tea from staining the bone china and allows the tea to mix with the milk as it pours. Clearly in this scenario “Milk first” is the rule to apply.

Simples, as that irritating anthropomorphic manifestation of a meerkat would put it.

Oh yes – the anthropomorphism of the animal (and even plant) kingdom, as illustrated, quite literally, by Disney. That’s another one.

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