Life, but not as we know it?

Could we do without this new-fangled t’Interweb thing for a month? Back to basics, that’s the way!

in tray day one

Well, of course it’s possible! I mean, I might not enjoy it, and it might feel like the longest month ever, but let’s be realistic here. I wouldn’t actually die – probably.

However, when thinking about this more seriously for the whole 10 seconds I dedicated to it before typing, I realised that it really would be quite hard. To begin with, I couldn’t actually do my job properly. I need that job to pay the bills.

In fact, if my company couldn’t use the Internet we would not be able to function and neither would our customers; for example I am responsible for a couple of on-line systems used by large numbers of organisations around the country to manage what they do. Emails would have to be replaced by phone calls, and files would be transmitted, slowly, labouriously, expensively, insecurely, by fax. In short, it would have a catastrophic impact on our viability. Not sure what I can put in my risk register for that!

On a personal level, as well as the fun I have chatting with friends on Facebook, writing these little pieces, and generally clowning about in cyberspace, I also rely on the Internet to provide me with, for example:

– access to my bank account (I can’t usually get to a bank because I’m working)

– groceries (saves a 50 mile round trip each weekend, eating up time and excreting greenhouse gases).

I would also struggle to complete a number of official forms which seem to keep cropping up – you know the kind of thing: tax returns, passport applications, student finance returns, car tax, insurance etc etc. Importantly, I would have to pay more for utilities as discounts are only offered on-line for most services.

So life would be harder, more expensive and less fun.

Could I survive a month? Certainly! Would I want to? Resoundingly NO!

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