Those who can, do; those who can't, teach…

Teachers, eh? They can be the very Devil.

As a person of significant antiquity I have encountered quite a few. Oh yes. I bear the scars. Throughout compulsory eduation there were definitely some horrors – to the extent that I was once reduced to tears when asked to share any experience of poor teaching on a “Training the Trainer” course. My school was not a gentle one.

The worst teacher, though, was one I had the distress of surviving only last year.

I was able to take a training course through work to gain a certificate in project management. In fact I was renewing a previous certification, but that is scarcely important. The basic issue was that most of my colleagues who attended the course with me had not previously done anything like it before.

Without getting personal, all I can say is that it was the most appalling experience I have ever had in a professional environment. My highlight of the week was actually dismissing the “tutor” from the room for half an hour in order to calm down the rest of the class. This incident followed the experience of reviewing the test paper from the night before in the following fashion:

Tutor: what did you get for question 1?

Colleague (very timidly): B?

Tutor: No! It was A. What did you get for question 2?

Another colleague (more confidently): That was C.

Tutor: Yep, C. What did you get…..

First colleague: Er, why was it C?

Tutor: Well, it wasn’t going to be A or B. And it was hardly D. See page 45. What did you get….etc etc

Only two of us passed the exam out of a possible six (two others walked out, and no shame to them).

To be honest I may have saved his life by sending him out. Does that make me a bad person?

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