Brief Encounter

So… we had a mole in the garden. At first it was a funny little creature galloping over the lawn. Then it was cute, hiding behind the shed.

This is the cute phase:

Then somehow it morphed, like a Japanese animation, into an insane digging machine intent on destroying my lawn and herb bed. Enough was enough. We had tried to be accommodating and neighbourly but it let us down. No more Ms Nice Person – that mole had to go! After the night of the Thousand Tunnels, we cornered the little blighter this morning and have now transported it to a more suitable location in some woodland outside the village.

Here it is in its 5 star luxury transport with en suite soil and fresh juicy earthworm for the journey.

May it live a life of peaceful worm chomping away from my garden.


Go on then, it's your turn

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