Nanny Power!

Chimney sweep, chimney sweep

I must admit I quite fancy being like Peter Petrelli and having the power of taking the power of other superheroes. Obviously though this is only valuable where other superheroes are two a penny and you fall over them on a regular basis.

So, let’s be a bit more discerning.

Invisibility is all very well but I have enough trouble getting people to concentrate as it is; I reckon I would just get run over with this one.

Strength is handy for picking up cars, buildings, trains etc; but on the whole I can manage my shopping as it is thanks.

X-ray vision – well, I think I see more than I want already, what with current low slung fashions.

I quite fancy Mary Poppins Power. Think about it a moment. Instant tidying, laughing tea parties and jumping into chalk pictures. The ability to keep small, whiny children quiet and content. Plus a talking, flying umbrella. The only down side might be the excruciating attempt at a London accent by passing American B-movie actors; I expect earmuffs would remedy that.

After all, I am already practically perfect.

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