No matter what you do…

Grisu… rest in peace

You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait. Thanks Phil Collins.

More importanly – you can’t hurry teenagers…


After all that exuberance and hormone-fuelled partying they just cannot get their act together to do the basics. Lifting a phone, addressing an envelope, picking up those heavy, heavy socks – it’s all too hard. Or booooring.

Obviously we old folks, after a gruelling day at the office, somehow find the stamina to cook dinner, deal with the bills, wash up, do the laundry, cut the grass and so on. I suppose it’s practice that makes it all possible. I suppose not having a social life makes it easier.


At this point I feel I should clarify that my own teenagers do in fact manage to help out quite often. without prompting, but the disappointment whn they revert to stereotype is still intense. As it my love.

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