Look out universe!

If I wasn’t me, I might be Angelina DiGriz…

Although there may be other characters in stories that I admire more, for some reason the wonderful Angelina diGriz popped into my head (fortunately only lightly armed on this occasion) when I gave thought to this prompt.

What’s the appeal? Well, she is clever, fast, funny, beautiful, terrifyingly capable and somewhat homicidal. Did I also mention ruthless, brilliant and huge fun? What is not to like?

There are relatively few strong female characters around, and in early 60s and 70s science fiction there are almost none. But there is the gorgeous Angelina, a reformed homicidal maniac mother of twins who can save the main character, her husband Slippery Jim DiGriz, and the day, by being smarter, quicker and sharper when it counts, and still keep the kids in line.

Almost everything about her is so far removed from my own existence that the idea of just being her, being that different and exciting, is intriguingly desirable. How delicious to ignore the constraints of conventional morality and successfully wave two fingers at all the stuffy bureaucracy fillling other hum-drum lives. How satisfying to find a soul-mate who is equally clever, dashing and relaxed about legal niceties, and with him to take on hidebound civil servants trying to stifle innovation with their petty rules and procedures. How fascinating to be that accomplished and knowledgeable in the fields of weaponry, robbery and trickery.

Ultimately, who doesn’t fancy living in a stylish and glamourous universe of comedy crime capers and gleaming spaceships, fighting evil with a pithy quip and an improbably designed weapon?

After all, a change is as good as a rest!

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