If this is 1978 I must be 16

Jetsons Commute

Hello from one of your possible future selves! You will understand this when you read about Schroedinger’s Cat next year.

The future I am in is pretty good, thanks for asking. Je ne regrette rien.

But there are some things you might need to know now which would make it better.

Everone has hard times, and so will you, but you will get over them. On the whole they will be relatively few and far between, and probably you could make them easier if you asked for help sooner.

The plan to win fame and fortune hasn’t quite got there yet. I’m still working on it but it seems less important. Looks like I got a bit old, but it’s OK because now I have kids to be young in my place. And they are doing a good job too. You’ll like them, which is just as well.

The world domination is coming along nicely though. The alter ego you are looking for is “Bill Gates”: hire a right charlie scientist type to act for you – like Bruce Willis in Moonlighting (watch him by the way, he’ll go far) – and the world will worship at your very tootsies. I tell you, it’s great and no one suspects a thing. Our little secret.

Obviously we invented time travel already, hence the quick note. It’s not quite as fab as the Tardis, speaking of which the new Doctor is pretty good. Don’t worry about what happens after Sylvester McCoy – the BBC gets over it eventually.

Hang on to your Wade miniatures – they sell pretty well nowadays. I knew I would regret throwing them out, so don’t do it.

So far we have avoided the nuclear option, and even improved things a bit. Some wars, but no worse then you have now (which is bad enough I grant you).

Obviously we all travel in hover cars now, and I bought a holiday apartment on the Moon, although there’s not much atmosphere.

The robot doing the housework is useful but as we eat pills instead of real food there’s less washing up anyway. Fortunately the programmes on the telly are much better so no need to worry about having things to do! You can watch in 3-D and full Sensesurround in your own home too. It’s especially helpful when the snooker is on.

I do wonder if I should have stuck to my guns over A-level choices; give it some thought. You might have a different future to my past, and who knows how that might have turned out. Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Just remember the Bill Gates thing – it’s really important.

Love me xx


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