Speak Truth to Power

The British Parliament and Big Ben

Reverse a law? Just one?

There are so many laws to choose from and so few good reasons for most of them. At least, if everyone were sensible there would be few good reasons, but then I look around and realise people use laws to tell them how to behave. Laws are the communcal conscience sitting on the shoulder while whispering undiluted guilt into our brains. Hey ho.

I'd like to lose the Law of Diminishing Returns; that one makes it pretty hard to bother getting out of bed in the morning.

Another favourite would be Moore's Law, where computer power doubles every five minutes (or whatever); I could do with keeping my laptop for more than a couple of years before people start rolling their eyes and going on about some technobabblicious new fad which is supposed to make our pasty, web-centred lives easier (how many times have we heard that one?).

Those two laws combined are costing us all a fortune to make us less satisfied with our on-line experience.

In truth, the really diabolical law I'd like to repeal is the one which prohibits groups holding protests in front of the Houses of Parliament. Apparently the Mother of Democracy, in her addle-pated dotage, is unable to cope with groups of hairy refuseniks waving placards and disagreeing with the so-called Government of the day. While it might have been a useful instrument for culling disgruntled tourists, in fact it is a pernicious attack on our freedom of speech and right to tell MPs what we think of them, in public, and without fear of reprisal.

However, now that I live in a formal dictatorship, I recognise the error of my ways, renounce my formerly misplaced belief in wild and foolhardy opposition to those who know best, and can only say "Long Live HM's Government and God Bless all who sail in her".

[If I do not write again, burn these scribblings and get across the border as if your life depended on it]

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