Those old PM blues

It’s been a trying day so I thought I would share my pain. Because the world does not have enough blog entries full of moans and groans and wailing and gnashing of teeth. What is needed right now is extra pain and suffering.


I had a key project go pear-shaped last night. Today I was due to visit a university with youngest offspring and managed to spend the day on the phone instead as we drove up and down the motorway, getting stressed about the fact that things were not going well.

At this point I suppose I might reveal a certain masochistic streak. Actually this is what makes the job interesting. I knew this project was going to be trouble. As soon as it walked in the room I could see it was trouble. Those big brown eyes didn’t fool me for a moment. This was a project with trouble as its middle name, and it was looking for me. There are times when you can’t fight it any more, but have to surrender and drain the glass of bitter spirits to the very dregs.


It was always going to be a tricky project, not helped by the fact it relied on a third party which appeared not to be familiar with the concept of structured projects management, such as agreeing plans, meeting deadlines or even defining requirements. Yup, that risk register was lit up like a nuclear holocaust. And so it came to pass.

So now I will get all sentimental about the people I work with. We got through the "what the hell?" stage pretty quickly and by the end of this afternoon had a fine old plan. Can’t say there aren’t still huge risks, but we know what we are going to try and do, and are working on it together. Didn’t see that coming did you? Ha!

I’m so glad I moved jobs! There is still room for wailing and teeth gnashing however. We are also awaiting the results of the autumn spending review …. and if you want anything to ruin a project just let the government loose on it.


Go on then, it's your turn

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