Global Warming – I think I have the answer!

The thing about global warming is that driving about in cars make it worse. So whenever we drive about a lot, for example across the country and back to, say, Stoke or Lancaster (just as random examples you understand) I think that I really ought to do something about reducing our carbon footprint. Somehow. When I get around to it.

Anyway, last weekend we drove, funnily enough, down to Stoke and across to Lancaster. As we were leaving Lancaster to come home we had to refuel. Now admittedly, we did buy "green" diesel – whatever that is supposed to be. But the really clever bit was, that when we left Lancaster according to the thingummy on the dashboard we had a range of 222 miles, and when we got to York we had a range of 235 miles.

This means we created negative quantities of greenhouse gases!

Somehow, as we drove along the A59, we were sucking in all the emissions we encountered and converting them back into fuel. Our car was acting like a negative polluter, and we were doing the world good. I feel a hug coming on.

By the time we got home we had about 218 miles showing on the range display, so I guess overall we did cause a minimal increase in damage to the planet. However, all things considered I think everyone should go out and buy a car like ours and use it all the time. Especially between York and Lancaster.

My beloved suggested it might not be an accurate reading but that is madness. Surely a precision instrument like our vehicle could not be wrong by such a margin. Clearly he is a Luddite.


Go on then, it's your turn

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