More Adventures in Anglo Saxon

Since my last post I have carried on trying to get my head around A-S.


It’s a while since I had to learn a new language and I had forgotten how tedious reciting the declensions of a verb could be. But satisfying to get it right and realise that with a little more vocabulary I will be able to write my own first hesitating sentences. Doing that on a blog will need some fancy font work though so don’t hold your breath!


Still, let’s see what we can do:

Alt 0198 = Æ is upper case ash

Alt 0230 = æ is lower case ash

Alt 0208 = Ð is upper case eth

Alt 0240 = ð is lower case eth

Alt 0222 = Þ is upper case thorn

Alt 0254 = þ is lower case thorn


Phew! That works then.


The other thing I have found is that because of different dialects and points of view (because there are no Anglo Saxons around to teach us differently so we have to guess how it was pronounced), the different resources available to learn the language teach slightly different pronunciations, and use the thorn and eth quite interchangeably.


So I have now sent away for a correspondence course and will stick to it until I feel sufficiently confident to explore all the different versions around.




Eala! Min nama is Phyllis. Benes sweosteres nama is Charlotte. Hiera broðora nama sind Sam and Tom. (I think.)


Well, hopefully some of that is nearly right.


Wes Þu hal!



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