Can’t wait, won’t wait

Days after sending off for my correspondence course, I remain unfulfilled. The package has yet to arrive and I am fretting like a kid before Christmas. I haven’t done anything interesting like this for some time and just can’t wait to get started. It takes all sorts.

Anyway, to keep me going I’ll share some numbers. They are strangely familiar when said out loud Smile

Now, before I start, I admit to some confusion in that I have come across variations for some of them which may be due to dialect or period, or possibly some grammatical rule of which I am currently blissfully unaware. I’ll list them as I go.

1. an

2. twegan, tu, twa

3. ðrie

4. feower

5. fif

6. siex

7. seofen

8. eahta

9. nigon

10. tien, tyn

11. endleofen

12. twelf

20. twentig

30. ðritig

Like the German, and old-fashioned English, 29 would be “nigon and twentig”

As I don’t know what 40 is yet I’ll shed 10 years and say: 

ic eom eahta and ðritig gear eald.

Bear in mind that the g in AS is often pronounced as a y; so “gear” here is the same as “year”. Also the h in the middle of eahta is a “ch” sound, like German or “loch”.

I am also puzzling out some of the months, and have so far managed the following:

Weodmonað – August

Haligmonað – September

Winterfylleð – October

Blotmonað – November

Ærra Geola – December

Æfterra Geola – January

Solmonað – February

Eastermonað – March

The G in Geola is a y sound again – basically “yeol” or as we say nowadays “Yule”. This makes December “before (ere) Yule” and January “After Yule”.

I just read today about a Germanic tradition of giving “soul cakes” during February in return for prayers for the dead. Open-mouthed smile Sounds familiar!

Wesað  ge hale!

Go on then, it's your turn

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