It’s here!


I was very excited to get home from town to find the first instalment of the correspondence course on the door mat. Yes, it is the stuff of dreams for me.

So this afternoon I worked through the first lesson, already familiar from the downloaded version I got a couple of weeks ago, but with more grammar practice.

The genitive plural is getting me a bit muddled but I think I am getting there thanks to the extra grammar drills. It’s when a possessive noun follows  “in, with, from” etc that I panic a little. Should I use genitive or dative?

Quaintly the spoken element is provided on a “cassette tape”; this is a medium that was much favoured in the 1970s when every hip cat  had their portable cassette player – long before the Sony Walkman, let me tell you. I was briefly and uniquely the cool kid at school in May 1973 when I acquired a cassette recorder before anyone else in the class. It remains an experience not since repeated. If I tell you I also had a red tranny I carried everywhere, I expect younger readers may be confronted with an unusual image or two. Transistor radios were very popular with the young people as I recall, although sadly mine couldn’t pick up Radio Caroline.

So back to the course, and a subject slightly older than 1970s music technology. I need to go out and buy some A4 envelopes for returning SAEs with work for marking. Wish I had known that when I was in town this morning! I will also spend a happy hour putting the work file together tomorrow so I can keep track of all the chapters and refer back and forth more easily. I also need to get hold of a good dictionary (hint, nearly Christmas – or “Geol” – and I am not averse to second-hand editions).

Off to see C on Monday, so let me try out a sentence, in present tense because I don’t know how to do the future tense yet:

ic fere fram Northymber to Stoke and ic mete mina dohtor. We hieraÞ Status Quo and ic fere ongean to Northymber.

WesaÞ ge hale! Smile

Go on then, it's your turn

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