In mine huse ongean

Well, I managed to get to Manchester at the beginning of the week and had a brilliant time at the Status Quo concert. My ears were only ringing for a little while afterwards. It was very amusing to see the average age of the audience was somewhat greater than my own (I think – or else I’m older than I realise), but they were pretty much veteran concert goers and sang along with the music when poor Rick was unable to do so due to a throat infection.

Just to keep practising the AS I can now say:

ic ferde to Manchestere and ic hierde Status Quo mid mine dohtere

The first lesson has now been sent off for marking, and I am cautiously optimistic that I may have passed, despite ongoing confusion over which case to use for "in my town" etc. I went with dative on the basis that is how German works.

I also achieved a little shopping for the seasonal festivities, although lots still to do. Hopefully I will manage some more in Leeds next week. Today I have been wrestling with grocery orders for cooking ingredients, having finally sorted out the menu for 27th December; note to self – check who is actually coming!

In case anyone is interested this course has also been recommended to me, and sounds useful because it also provides context and links to modern English. I would certainly like a look at it some day…possibly around 25th December.

And here is a dictionary, of the sort someone like me would appreciate  🙂

Wesað ge hale

Go on then, it's your turn

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