This weekend we have been getting ready for the big event coming up at the end of the month. You know the one I mean, the consumageddon that happens just after the Shortest Day (or Longest Night, as you prefer). The day when we pawn our future to pay for festivities, frolics and fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but it can get a bit, well, fraught. I like buying presents for people, really I do. I don’t enjoy the crowds and the pushing and shoving and queuing and arms aching and feet throbbing, but I do like thinking about what someone might enjoy and hoping they will smile when they unwrap it.No pressure, gift recipients of mine 🙂 only genuine smiles required. It’s better I know so I don’t make the same mistake next time.

I admit I was getting a little panicked this year because I was later starting the preparations than usual, but this weekend has seen some significant progress. We managed to get the car out of the village and go to the nursery to buy a tree. Looks like a good one too. We also got some coal and logs for the fires so I won’t need to keep the central heating on all day. I finally managed to get a grocery delivery from Tesco this week, after two delivery cancellations. That was beginning to worry me because there’s baking to be done here and a lack of ingredients is not conducive to a happy kitchen. Hopefully the final delivery with fresh veg should arrive next week, and if not I will be able to pop into town anyway, or send an offspring.

The thaw also seems to be setting in to the extent that we have had some avalanches off the roof over the past couple of days. I don’t remember ever having this happen before following heavy snow. I would not have wanted to be standing at the front door when  it all came down. I understand that emergency services have already been called out in Kirbymoorside to someone who was hit by a similar fall of snow.

So off to the pub quiz tonight, hopefully to play for the first time in ages because someone else has promised to write it this time. Then the final week at work before a couple of days to wind down and then the final furlong of furious baking and wrapping and cleaning and decorating. Family will be coming home to stay and the house will be busy and noisy and crowded.

I love Christmas!

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