Fandung 2


Some people might think it’s an anime title, but actually it’s the second exercise on my Old Englisc course.

The first exercise went OK, although I got muddled about dative and genitive cases because I kept thinking I was doing German or Latin instead of Old English. The clue is in the name – it’s English, stupid! Anyway, I am hoping I now have that sorted out and it certainly felt more comfortable doing the second set of exercises. FIngers crossed; I will try and send it all off tomorrow, and hope for the best.

Meanwhile my Significant Other managed to find me a copy of Sweet’s AS Reader in Oxfam.

I love Oxfam. All those funny old books you will never find except for extortionate prices in Waterstones or on Amazon – there they are for tuppence ha’penny in the charity shops. Oxfam is a bit pricey in comparison to some, but I don’t mind because the money is going to Oxfam.

Helpfully, being a second hand book, someone has already pencilled in some translation for me 🙂

It was quite exciting to browse some sections and actually get the gist of what was happening. It looks like the exercises are based on some of these passages because I am certainly finding the same people doing the same things – basically, fighting, bequeathing and listening to priests. If you need a sentence putting into OE about how you are bequeathing your estate, then I am the woman for the job.

I love the sound of the language too. It’s slow and measured because you pronounce every letter. For example, "write" is the same in Old Englisc as modern english, but in OE it is 5 syllables: w-r-i-t-e. By the time you say it Shakespeare could have knocked out a soliloquy, or Hamlet might have decided to actually do something.

Anyway, the last thing to report is that I found a good site for the character marks needed – pronouncing vowels as long or short sounds, for example, short o and long o.The site is at


Well, all for now! Wesað gē hale!

Go on then, it's your turn

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