Fandung 3

I got the marked copy of fandung 2 back this week and have now turned around fandung 3. It is all getting very interesting as my abilities with the language improve gradually. Paul found a copy of Sweet’s Anglo Saxon Reader in Oxfam and I have been looking at some of the passages in it. Imagine my delight when I was able to make sense of most of the entry for the Battle of Ashdown – much of the course seems to revolve around this article, so I hope I haven’t pre-empted the final exercise!

I am really enjoying the course – as I think you might have gathered. It makes my brain feel alive again. It has also made me realise that my job is really not very challenging. As I have my appraisal coming up in a couple of weeks I will probably mention this, Unfortunately I fear this might simply lead to an increase of workload volume rather than an increase of complexity. I know I took a job with a more junior title, but I had anticipated the challenges might eb greater than they in fact are. Still, this is not the time to be looking for other jobs and hanging on to employment is currently the priority.

Anyway, I did think of a project which would keep me busy with the OE work, keep both of us working on a shared project, and give me something to get my teeth into. Can you guess what it is yet? Well, I think doing some research on the Saxon period of the village would be interesting. The church here has Saxon stone foundations, which is relatively unusual (although I think the church at Terrington also has similar foundations – item for research!) as most saxon churches would have been built of wood. For example, the original St Peter’s in York (York Minster is St Peter’s in real life) was a first a wooden church in the 7th century.

Still, musings of this nature belong on a different blog, so here endeth the lesson.


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