30 Day Challenge: 30DC-1

C made me aware of this and it sounded fun. So I will start today bearing in mind I can’t update when away so it might be patchy…excuses excuses.

The first challenge is a picture of myself with 15 interesting facts. Challenge indeed!

First the picture I think:

100_6182 - Copy

That’s us a year ago – I managed to prevent photos this year Smile

Now for the difficult bit – interesting facts.I don’t thinks there are 15 actual interesting facts about me, so you may need to use some imagination.

1. I was born in Windsor but never lived there; it was the nearest maternity hospital to where my parents actually lived in Middlesex.

2. My earliest memory is learning to walk and hanging onto the fireguard as I wobbled; Mum says I learned to walk at 14 months.

3. I can play classical guitar but cannot strum.

4. I got a higher grade in O-Level Latin than French or German, but was not allowed to take Latin A-level because it was “too difficult”. I did take French and German though

5. When I was in Girls’ Brigade I won a competition for following marching instructions by remembering that my signet ring was on my left hand; that way I always knew which way to turn. “Left is towards the ring!”

6. I was thrown out of Sunday School for asking awkward questions about the Resurrection after having learned that one day the sun would destroy the Earth

7. When I was little I used to sell batteries in my Dad’s shop and test they were still charged with the tip of my tongue; this was because I couldn’t reach the tester above the door. The customers all thought this normal.

8. When I was 14 I almost broke the school shot put record; missed it by an inch or so Sad smile

9. I have never seen an episode of Big Brother, but I have read several books by George Orwell. I also have a copy of his essay on how to make a cup of tea.

10. I have a small scar on my right forearm from burning myself on the bathroom tap when I was about 2 or 3; I was trying to run a sink-full of water for my Grandma to have her wash.

11. Speaking of which, when I was a toddler my mother bathed me in the kitchen sink.

12. I once met John Pertwee, who was my favourite Doctor.

13. My grandmother was a Spiritualist Medium; my mother was a Faith Healer; I work in IT. Daisy-chaining SCSI devices is somewhat similar to Magick.

14. I am so short-sighted that I wear glasses on top of my contact lenses.

15. Having 4 children has hardly affected me at all.






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