30DC-05: a picture of your favourite memory

Hm, tricky. I’m not sure there are any pictures of my favourite memory (whatever it is) because lots of my memories are from childhood before I had a handy camera. So we might have to get a bit tenuous here, but near with me.

Also, for me, my best memories are triggered by smells and tastes rather than images, so it’s not straightforward. More excuses – get on with it!

I had a happy childhood up to the age of about 10 (things got a bot difficult after that, no need to dwell on it here). So my happiest memories are of being cosily snuggled up at home, having stories or playing games. So this is the picture I am going to use to illustrate those happy feelings.


This is me with my aunty and Grandma at Christmas, just messing about and having a good time.

Go on then, it's your turn

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