30DC-06: A picture of your most treasured item

What would I save if the house was burning down?

I live in a house heated, until recently, only by open fires, so this has preyed upon my mind on occasion. You know those unending nights when you don’t sleep, or you hear the clock striking every half hour from midnight to six? Those nights, which I experience so commonly nowadays, are very useful for planning contingencies: what would I do if there was a UFO/zombie invasion; what would I do if the roof blew off; what would I do if there was an outbreak of bubonic plague; and what would I do if the house was burning down.

When considering the last of these I came to the conclusion that, in a situation where no one was left in the house, and where I did not have to break the safety glass and jump from the bathroom window, I would be most likely to grab my external hard drive on the way out the door.

i wear my grandmother’s ring and St Christopher 24/7 so always have them with me. If I am being brutal though, I don’t need them to remember my grandmother; but I love to see her in photos. My hard drive has almost all the family photos on it. I have scanned in most of our prints from before I had a digital camera; I have even scanned a good 50% of my Dad’s slides, including lots of family photos like the one in yesterday’s post. In summary that hard drive encapsulates my life and my family history. Some of the photos are old Victorian sepia portraits of people I have heard about but never met, and were taken before HG Wells even wrote about a miraculous future world with flying engines and pneumatic doors.

It’s amazing.



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