30DC-07: A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

Time to let loose the hounds of imagination, I feel. Genuinely I can’t see the point of trading places with a real person for a day. If they are better off than me in some way (happiness, health, money, spirituality, whatever) then coming back will be demoralising; if they are worse off then why would I put myself through 24 hours of unnecessary misery? I suppose there might be a neutral exchange possible where I could trade places with a middle-aged, moderately content  Japanese games programmer, or Australian coral reef diving instructor, or NASA scientist. Perhaps I could swap with the top security wallah at the Pentagon and learn all the secret nuclear codes…then the world would be ripe for the taking, mwa ha ha. Hmm.

However, if I can trade places with a fictional character that could be much more fun, and the one that springs to mind is the Doctor, because then I get the Tardis and all of time and space thrown in for free! Unless I was the Jon Pertwee version and trapped on this planet, but even then…the whole of history and future history of one planet could be pretty rewarding.

Yup, a day in the Tardis sounds like a great day, and could last years if I played it right. I could even go to the seaside for an ice cream.


198308 Scarborough2


Go on then, it's your turn

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