30DC-13: A picture of your favourite band or artist

Oh dear, I’m not very good at this!

The answer, yet again, is “it depends”.

To be fair, the music I prefer at the most visceral level is the music I listened to when I was younger. There are some good modern artists, but they never quite speak to me in the way the older bands do, and I suppose it’s to do with the  association at an emotional level which those older bands hold.

Of course, because my father listened to classical music I have an emotional attachment to Beethoven too, even though my own preference in classical music is not actually Beethoven at all.

Anyway, when it comes right down to it, this might surprise you all – it even surprises me. I love late 60s and early 70s music which feed the child inside. I adore The Who, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Queen, Stones, even the Beatles. But the music I can listen to, no matter my mood, is in fact Simon and Garfunkel. So here they are.


Even i didn’t quite see that one coming!

Go on then, it's your turn

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