A propos of the OE course – I am still working through it with undiminished enthusiasm. But…

I completed Lesson 5 last week (only 3 more to go!) and sent it back with reasonable confidence. However, when the next envelope thudded through the letterbox on Thursday I found I was unable to open it because I could tell there was no Grammar Exercises booklet in it. Immediately I assumed I had failed the lesson and everything was returned with a scornful message deriding my lack of competence.

Tonight I finally got the courage to open it – and guess what? Lesson 6 does not have a grammar booklet; it’s a revision chapter.

I did get some things wrong with the last set of work, which is fine because the tutor for the course has carefully explained what I did and how it should be done and now I understand it all better. But I really wasn’t joking when I posted about fear of failure the other day. Guess I’ll never get over it.

So this is to say I am doing OK really with the course, and can now translate whole chunks of OE (with the dictionary to hand) and feel pretty darn good about it!

I was particularly delighted to find that "ilk" is an OE word. It was very satisfying.

Wes ge hal!

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