30DC-25 – A picture of your day.

It’s been a busy day but most notably I have been clearing out books to be sent to new homes. Some of them are in the picture, but in total I reckon there are at least as many again piled up nearby.

I’m not good at getting rid of books but recently decided I needed to focus my interests a bit more. So out go the books on topics I no longer plan to work on, leaving me more shelf space for the books in areas of interest. The other criterion was: can I get this information (or more up-to-date information) easily on the Internet? If so, I don;t need the paper version.

I think I could have been even more ruthless but this is a pretty good start. I did this kind of thing once before but regretted it almost at once, so this time I have decided the rules I am using so I know why the books are going. Last time I made the wild assumption I could still get hold of the books at the library, but I now know better.



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