Against all odds – Five Reasons to celebrate being English

When things go wrong in a country, that is often the time to think about why it is worth trying to put them right, So now is a good time to remember why it’s great to be English.

A nice cuppa

Article 1: Tea drinking. It might not be as sophisticated or gracious as in, say, Japan. No matter the occasion it can only be enhanced by a cup of tea. Ideally with a biscuit to dunk.

Article 2: Humour. Despite recent appearances to the contrary we actually have a great sense of humour. It is often quite dry. Unlike…

Article 3: The weather. There is lots of weather in England, much of it terrible, and most of it moist to some degree. That is why the humour has to be dry and the tea plentiful. It also is an important ice-breaker when meeting new people. Without the weather we would have only one other thing to talk about…

Article 4: The BBC. Television without adverts, who could resist? And look at what it produces: Dr Who, David Attenborough, Mastermind and Strictly Come Dancing. Not to mention Eastenders and Royal Weddings. If there were ever, say, riots, as a nation we would turn to the BBC to keep an eye on their progress. We don’t call the BBC “Auntie” for nothing.

Article 5: Manners. When you tread on my foot I will apologise. When I am waiting for something I wait in a queue. Even if I am the only person there. The English can form a queue of one person, it’s quite amazing.

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