Waxing lyrical

If I were an inanimate object, what would I be?

Candle flame

I would be the thing that is alive without living, that meets the criteria of life such as moving, reproducing, growing, consuming. I would have meaning and be intimately involved in the lives of those around me.

I would be a candle, and I would be your most constant friend.

I would shine a light under the bed to chase away the monsters. I would beam over your shoulder as you read, lighting the words on the page and learning in your mind. I would comfort your soul as you meditated or prayed. I would burn steadfastly in your window to guide your lover home. I would watch your babe as she slept in my golden glow. I would keep a vigil over your sickbed. In the end I would melt away with you in your final resting place.

If love were a thing you could hold, it would be me. But beware because I can also burn.

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