DC 28: Something I’m afraid of

If I was supposed to write these up in 30 consecutive days then mark me down as a crazy rebel!

p45_example1Anyway, this is the thing I am afraid of. To put it in context – there are quite a few people depending on my wage and with the current economic situation it would not be quick to find alternative employment if I was made redundant.

As I am also responsible for a frail elderly relative, whose home is supported by my income, I think it is safe to say the pressure can be quite difficult on days when funding at work looks precarious. I work in a shrinking sector and funding is primarily through government SLAs.  I can’t have my projects fail.

I am lucky in that my colleagues are competent, persuasive and supportive people who know how to get things done. But customer expectations are high and the requests for development are often along the lines of “Can you make it more web-ish, but not too web-ish, you don’t really need a developer to do that do you?”.

Being made redundant can be devastating; not only financially but also at a deep psychological level. Because so much of our society’s value model is based around relatively standardised paid work, and with the current government ratcheting up a view of those not in work as scroungers or criminals, it is not surprising to read of increased hate crime against very vulnerable groups, such as disabled people or the Traveller community.

Which is a bit of a step from my worrying about losing my job, my house and my aged relative (honestly, a move would be the end of her!). But in the dark hours of a sleepless night, that step seems quite small and close.

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