William Morris' 25 hour day

If a day had 25 hours, what would you do with the extra time?

My first reaction to this scenario was that a 25 hour day would mean I had made it to another habitable planet, so what better way to use the time than explore? Then I realised that I would need not only a 25 hour day but also a 25 hour biological clock. Cool! I’d be an alien!

I could use my time to find out more about those chronologically challenged creatures of Earth with their woefully short day. After all, 25 hours is barely enough for a busy sentient being about the galaxy, so how do they cope with such a restricted time frame? No wonder they all seem so stressed; it isn’t natural.

But no, there are still too many ambiguities. Now I’m on another planet an hour might not be the same as the Earth’s 60 minute measure; so a 25 hour day here might be only minutes, or stretch to years, in Terran terminology. It’s all too difficult to work out and I am starting to get a headache.

Let’s start again. That’s better.

An extra hour in the day would give me plenty of time to daydream about being an alien. It would give me time to write better blog posts (hopefully!), or to learn something new, or take up yoga. I could waste it all on working, but I already sacrifice enough to that so I would definitely want time for me.

Now here’s a real challenge. I can find things to do to spend an hour, but can I find things to do to save an hour? To make my day 25 hours in effect?

Perhaps I could become an Arts & Crafts time-spender, doing only what is useful or what is beautiful. I feel there is something here I could work with, asking myself the question whenever I go to do something. In this way perhaps I can spend my time so that I feel I have 25 hours in a day and afterwards, that they have been 25 hours worth having.

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