NaNoWriMo Day 1.5

It seems I am already out of synch. Yesterday for Day One I wrote about 2000 words on the train, and have spent this morning typing them up. Slowly.

I am at the point where the heroine has wandered out intot he London drizzle to catch a tube train for an important meeting – but I;m actually not sure htis is what she should be doing. Fortunately my Significant Other woke me at 4 am with his frenzied coughing (poor lamb)  so I spent a coupe of hours thinking about it and it is getting clearer. But I need to work out what happened after the Seocnd World War.

I am out tonight so unlikely to write much today unless I get a chance after work for an hour. But if it’s going round in my head I might manage to catch up over the weekend.

I hope your own works of greatness are progressing better. all power to our Muses.



Go on then, it's your turn

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