NaNoWriMo Day 2 Retrospective

I spent the evening at the village quiz, although I did manage to write almost 1785 words at lunchtime and scribbled some more in my notebook during the first half of the quiz (we don’t play – we write the quiz, then mark and settle disputes).

Words on day 2 = 1785 + handwritten

Total words for novel = 14027 + handwritten

So all good.

Then I woke up this morning and got all metaphorical over my cup of tea in bed.

It all started because my Significant Other asked me a question about NaNoWriMo and we got talking about writing sprints and other such lovelies. Anyway, as we were talking my mind wandered – you know how it is sometimes – and I was staring at my blanket and thinking about how last winter I made it and maybe this winter I could make a story instead.

And then I got carried away.

This is my blanket, by the way. Pay attention, you may need to refer back to it.

See, this blanket took me from October to March to knit. It was almost the first thing I had knitted for about 20 years. Before I did it I had decided to try knitting again as a creative outlet and made a couple of tea cosies. It takes less than a day to make a tea cosy. I knitted most of one at a quiz last winter in fact. Even I have a limit to how many tea cosies I need, and I don’t feel like going to all the effort of setting up a thriving market stall to sell tea cosies.

So I started a blanket and it was satisfying, and after a few months I had a complete set of blanket components which I put together and this winter it is keeping us warm and snug now the temperatures are falling. Very satisfying indeed.

This is the bit where I got carried away. The blanket is like my story, made up of lots of little triangles, sewn into squares and then sewn together to make a coherent whole. To be fair I should add some edges – tassels probably – to make it really smart. They could go down two sides so I knew which way was up or down. The clever thing about that is, if the blanket ever went to Australia it would still work because of bilateral symmetry. Anyways…

Once I had finished the knitting, as I said, I had to sew the thing up. That took me longer, all summer in fact. The problem was every time I tried to sew to together I got so hot under the enormous pile of wool that I had to stop. I only managed to get it done in September when it was a little cooler, and I was really keen to finish it in time for the clocks going back.

What I was feeling before I embarked on this wild flight of fancy was something along the lines of “If I could make a whole blanket, then I can maybe make a whole story”. Before I started the blanket I had very little confidence I would ever finish it, but I did. Not only that, it is working very well and looks pretty and made me happy to do. It has flaws, many of them, but it is Good Enough.

Then I played about with how blog posts are tea cosies and squares are chapters, and thought I had better make a tea cosy out of the whole sorry thing so my head can clear to write more squares this afternoon.

I’ll cast off now. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope NaNoWriMo is going well for you, should you be writing.

Go on then, it's your turn

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