NaNoWriMo Day 3 – looking back in amazement

Saturday did not work out quite as planned. I had intended to use the afternoon to do some writing, but then my Significant Other (or Sigoth) needed help with a Genuinely Very Important Thing, and I didn’t get to my keyboard until it was time for Structly.

Friends, the story fought me all the way. I wrote, but it was not worth the kinetic energy of the key presses. Really. I cringe as I read it today. I have learned my lesson: Craig Revell Horwood, much as I love him, does not enhance my ability to write. In fact he’s a Disaster.

However, it did lead me a little closer to the next thing that needs to happen and where I have to go to fix some plot issues. So that’s all good.

For once I was snuggled under the Blanket of Inspiration listening to Sigoth coughing for England (again – poor Sigoth), I realised that I had the perfect device already in the story, and just needed to link it up. Well, that’s how it seemed to me in the all-encompassing cosiness. We’ll see how it looks in the cold light of day when I sit down after lunch.

Here are my stats: written 2768, total 16795

It is a birthing process, and I am slightly incredulous. Did I really come up with this? I’m seeing it as a film, so it’s very dialogue heavy, but I feel like if I can write the script, I can add the scene directions later in terms of descriptive passages. Certainly when I try to do that, as I have done (I’m not writing in order) it works quite well because I can picture where people are and what it’s like. There’s lots of weather – but hey, I’m British.

Sorry this is so stream-of-consciousness. It’s early on Sunday and I have to move some packing boxes. And the frost outside is so pretty!

Good luck with your endeavours.



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 3 – looking back in amazement

    • I have been procrastinating for years so am feeling unbearably smug to have done this much 🙂
      The thing I have finally grasped this year is to stop beating myself up over not being SuperWoman, and that feels like it’s freed me up just to get on with it
      “Never say die, never surrender!!

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