NaNoWriMo Day 6 Looking back in crisis

So the curse of NaNoWriMo sign up persists.

Yesterday was a difficult day, emotionally, organisationally and even physically.

It started with the news that a colleague’s grandson, 10 years old, is now in his final hours with leukaemia and the family is preparing to say goodbye. Admittedly all the stuff that then happened is nothing in comparison, but it meant I began the day at a low ebb thinking about my friend and feeling very, very sad.

Then the usual struggling to read as my eyes continue to blur meant the daily headache built up quite nicely. It’s not new any more but it affects my decisions and actions just at the moment.

At lunchtime two mental health workers and our social worker came to talk to mother and then we had a long discussion about the need to move her into residential care if they can’t improve her functioning over the next few weeks with some additional support. She is very frail and we all agree the move may be fatal; on the other hand she may no longer be safe if left as she is. She will not want to go, so I will need to force her for her own safety. Great.

I was in the midst of a telecom for work when mother’s hairdresser interrupted with the nes we ahd no water. Several frantic calls to Yorkshire Water established that there was a burst affecting us and we would be without water for several hours. This was not a major problem as such but mother needed reminding constantly that this was happening.

One offspring spent the day with us in a frantic tailspin trying to pack up the necessaries to complete the move to a new house. That evening Sigoth drove the offspring over with a car piled high and I waved them goodbye.

With a sense of relief I sat down to start writing; a moment of treasured calm, an oasis. I had ideas back in my head about where I was heading next and the words began to flow. After about 1100 words another offspring skyped “Help!” and so the next trauma began.

This offspring was booked onto a flight to America today. At the last minute his onward flight from Newark was cancelled and rebooked for Friday. The Manchester flight remained valid. Two days in Newark airport, alone, abroad in a strange country (sorry – it is though) was sending offspring into a panic. We sorted out the phone number to call but offspring was in tears and I could see each and every one on the video link but could not put my arms out to hug. I hate skype.

In the midst of this interlude Sigoth and house offspring returned. The house had been locked with a different key and the neighbours had played up about parking space and so Sigoth and offspring had had to come back home with the car still laden and offspring also in quite a state.

Meanwhile Skype offspring sobbing.

We sorted out the phone numbers for the airline and Skype offspring phoned and sat on hold..

Home offspring got a cup of tea and realised the situation was not unmanageable as Sigoth is working at home today and can drive down again at lunchtime when parking will be easier and the house can be opened up.

Skype offspring came back on line to confirm new flights but now had to leave the house within a couple of hours as the new schedule was earlier; this meant we needed to sort out a taxi and I transferred the taxi fare to offspring’s account as it was nearly £100.

Meanwhile Facebook offspring was having a kitchen catastrophe; broke cafetiere and ran out of tea. At this point it was Armageddon, given our heightened nerves. Much hysterical hilarity and desperate joking ensued. Home offspring had good suggestions about how to brew coffee through a paper towel. It’s amazing what people know…

I have 4 offspring, and give the way things were going I felt the need to check on the 4th. Turned out all was well with silent offspring, so we had a late single malt on the rocks and went to bed.

Word count around 1100, so an improvement on the day before.

Woke this morning to the good news, as skype offspring took off from Manchester, that the election results were as we foreigners would have chosen. We don’t vote but we are affected by the results nevertheless.

Working on the train today so not sure the word count will be much better.

And if I don’t write today – I will be deleting my NaNoWri Mo account. It’s cursed I tell ‘ee. Cursed!

Here’s hoping your day is brighter and cheerier, your word count is stronger and your plot thickens in a satisfying way.


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