NaNoWriMo Day 7 – looking back in satisfaction

I’ll admit that today has been a better writing day. Maybe the clouds are breaking apart and the light of Writing Heaven is streaming through, bathing my keyboard in glory.

I took my netbook with me on the train and by some miracle or other was able to use it to write both morning and evening. Almost 2 hours of writing achieved.

My brain cooperated and I produced words that might make sense at some future date when the Revision Phase starts.

For those of you not familiar with the joys of TransPennine Express carriages, allow me to enlighten you, They are trains designed for commuter use, which lurch across the country (Trans – Pennine , geddit?) from Scarborough to Liverpool, and vice versa. Sometimes they go to Middlesbrough or Blackpool or Manchester Airport.

Mostly they are crammed with people trying to get to work or school or away for a holiday or home form a holiday, There are suitcases and bicycles and pushchairs and dogs. An overly optimistic train crew will attempt to push a drinks trolley through the whole train, running over passengers’ feet and schoolchildren’s bags and occasionally a foreign tourist not sufficiently aware o their peril to avoid collision. In rare instance someone actually buys a drink,

Friends, in the heart of such a maelstrom I wrote. Such is my suffering for my art.

When I got home this evening Sigoth was out at an art class. Sigoth draws, and very well in my opinion, who cannot draw much more than breath. I have had a glorious evening at home to myself. Offspring now exist harmoniously across the globe – or to be more accurate, have not skyped or phoned or texted to announce otherwise. I have avoided Facebook,

In total today I have produced 2982 words, taking my total to 25562. I am over half way to the 50k goal.

It’s been one of those crazy things you get in theme parks…ice cream? Adult dressed as anthropomorphic manifestations? Paedophiles? No! Rollercoaster – that’s it!

And it’s only Day 7. What excitement there is to come.

May your days be productive and your dreams as sweet.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 7 – looking back in satisfaction

    • thank you – and good luck to you with teh editing! I’m sure you’ll find a way to get over it. After all you have compelted a first draft, and that’s more than many of us can say 🙂

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