NaNoWriMo Day 20 – looking back in busyness

1,545 words written late at night, sitting in a hotel room with CSI: New York as background music. You can only imagine the quality of the prose. Actually, perhaps you can’t, or shouldn’t.

My NaNo total is now 43,543. I recalculated it to take account of the 10k or so I had written prior to November, but had thoughtlessly included when I signed up to the website. It seemed only fair, as the challenge is basically one of numbers and dates. We don’t do quality in November. There are 11 other months for that. November is about production like December is about consumption.

So, 1,545 by 23:30 on 20/11/2012. That’s numberlicious.

I’m pleased to manage that much, to be honest. The train was a nightmare coming over to Leeds in the morning and I had a horrible experience which I can’t tell you about because I did a bad thing to a poor old man. Not intentionally, never that, but I was so cluttered with a suitcase and laptop and handbag and Blackberry buzzing and thoughts whirling that I just didn’t pay attention. And sorry is one thing, but next time, EBL, just think before you act! Busy is not an excuse.

No pensioners were permanently maimed and no emergency services were called. My neck was burned by the glares of other commutes though, and quite rightly.

Then a long busy day, you know the kind of thing. Stuff to be done, and fortunately most of it interesting, and some frustrating but not anything I can’t handle. But busy, oh yes, to the max. As busy as a bee that is the Professor of Busy at Busy University (to paraphrase).

In the evening I caught up with a friend who also stays over in Leeds for work, sometimes at the same time as me. I’ll just do a shout-out for Nawaab’s, because we almost always go there and we love it. Cheap, plentiful, really tasty food and lovely staff, about a couple of hundred metres from the station. This is not going to turn into a restaurant guide, so relax. It’s just good to say when you find somewhere you like.

It may surprise you to learn that I, EBL, masked blogger extraordinaire and violet of the shrinking variety, can be verbose. I know, it’s a real shocker, isn’t it? And what’s an even more amazing coincidence is that I seem to have friends who are on the chatty side as well. Hence 1,545 at 23:30. We finished early because it was a school night, and we had to be up and at ‘em in the morning. But I couldn’t get to sleep, even when chloroformed by CSI, so I did my NaNoDuTy and that helped. Achievement is a great soporific.

Sadly it is not a long lasting soporific so I gave up at about 05:00 and got up. I don’t sleep well away from home, without a Sigoth to keep me snug and scare away the monsters. Never mind, it’s a perfect opportunity to dribble over a keyboard some more, and inflict the mundanity of my daily grind upon you.

Time to buzz off, my lovelies, as Friend who Stays in Leeds and I are doing breakfast today, happening for once to be bunked the same hotel. What a great start to the morning! I’m not sure when I will manage to post this, but hope to catch up with you all soon.

May your day be busy and bright, and may none of your pages stay white!


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